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Get the best performance and efficiency from your engine

Whilst the manufacturer will have programmed your vehicle’s engine to deliver an all-round acceptable performance, this may not necessarily be ideal for your specific driving needs. Finding that your vehicle is a little more sluggish than you’d like? Want to improve fuel consumption? After a sharper, smoother driving experience that delivers more power and takes some of the strain off your right foot?

ECU remapping is the answer. At R.J. Curling Vehicle Services Ltd we use safe, time-served, experience-backed methods to remap your car’s ECU, tailoring your vehicle’s capabilities and performance to your precise requests, making for the ultimate driving experience.

Mobile engine remaps

Get in touch with us now by making a quick phone call or dropping in at the service centre in Redditch.

We regularly work with motorists in the local areas as well as from locations such as Birmingham and Worcester.

What can ECU remapping achieve for you?

  • Optimised vehicle performance that meets your individual needs
  • Your vehicle will be sharper and more responsive
  • Smoother delivery of power, making urban driving much easier
  • Improved acceleration (making for safer overtaking)
  • Improved fuel consumption (and reduced impact on the environment as a result)
  • Improved torque
  • We carry out engine remapping for turbo and non-turbo cars

Want to know more?

Contact RJ Curling Vehicle Services – Specialists in car security systems & remapping throughout Redditch, Birmingham, Worcester and beyond.